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the original cat toy & puzzle feeder
the ultimate treat-hunt
mega-tough, modern & modular cat condos

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“super fun toy for intelligent kitties [...] incredibly well designed.”

Igrid King
The Conscious Cat

Meet the crew

Innovation Architect

The inspiration & brains behind Cat Amazing. Mooky's attire is always formal, but the air of superiority is quite casual. An enlightened and entrepreneurial cat.

Head of QA

Professional shredder with seven years experience, Zeke leads the Quality Assurance department. If it survives Zeke, it will survive anything.

Founder & CEO

Designated 'Founder' and given the title CEO (Cat Entertainment Officer) by Mooky upon learning that it is uncommon for humans to do business directly with cat.

Co-founder & CIO

Very intelligent human who even speaks some Meowth, helping translate instructions for Andrey. No-one's sure what CIO stands for, but Zeke thought it was important to have one.